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Trail: Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing: Examples

The following table has links to the examples indexes for every lesson in this trail. The indexes have links to the files required for each example, as well as to where each example is discussed. The 1.4 indexes also let you run the examples using JavaTM Web Start (in the  trail). If you want to download all the examples at once, you can get them by downloading the Tutorial Examples bundle (outside of the tutorial).

Lesson Examples Index(es)
User Interfaces that Swing: A Quick Start Guide   1.3  
Getting Started with Swing 1.1/1.2    
Swing Features and Concepts 1.1/1.2    
Using Swing Components 1.1/1.2   1.4
Using Other Swing Features 1.1/1.2   1.4
Laying Out Components 1.1/1.2    
Writing Event Listeners 1.1/1.2  
Working with Graphics 1.1/1.2    
Converting to Swing 1.1 AWT

The examples listed in each examples index compile and run under the specified release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE):

These are the most up-to-date examples. Many of these examples work under 1.3 if you remove the call to setDefaultLookAndFeelDecorated. The 1.4 example indexes have links that let you can easily run all but a few of these examples using Java Web Start.
These examples compile and run under J2SE v 1.3 and compatible releases (such as 1.4).
These are our oldest Swing examples. They compile and run under J2SE v 1.2, as well as under JDK 1.1 with the JFC/Swing 1.1 release. In fact, most will compile and run correctly under 1.3 and 1.4, although some use API that is no longer recommended and none take advantage of newer functionality. The JTable examples, in particular, might not run correctly under newer versions of the Java platform.
For more information about the history of the Swing API, see Which Releases Contain the Swing API? (in the  trail).

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